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Prescription Safety Glasses Canada FAQs

Do You Know the Ratings For Safety Glasses??

It is very important to protect your eyes as you work. The safety glasses are meant to give eye protection against a variety of risks such as chemical spills, pollutants in labs, and heavy industrial work. It also helps in protecting the eyes from physical injury or illness that may occur as a result of exposure to numerous components in the surrounding environment. It is available in a variety of shapes and styles. As a bonus, it is available with a variety of protective coatings, including scratch and UV protection as well as static and fog resistance.

How To Identify Prescription Safety Glasses and Goggles?

Prescription safety glasses are a must for you irrespective of your profession. Consider investing in prescription safety glasses if you wear glasses and your job or hobby requires the use of protective eyewear. You can visit and explore the wide range of collections of prescription safety glasses we offer. We will be happy to assist you in finding a pair that meets your requirements. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

Why You Should Wear Anti-Fog Safety Glasses?

Imagine working at a place where your eyes require a good level of protection but your prescription safety glasses start to fog up! The consequences can be very dangerous. Those who work in hazardous environments such as manufacturing and mining are particularly vulnerable to fogging. While anti-fog wipes can be effective, they are inconvenient to use and must be used at frequent intervals to be effective. And to avoid such circumstances, anti-fog prescription safety glasses are the best solution for your eyes.

What Are The Benefits of Bifocal Safety Glasses??

Protective lenses with magnifiers (bifocals) are moulded directly into the lenses of Bifocal Safety Glasses. They are ideal for people who use reading glasses but also need to be protected against falling objects. Because of the availability of Bifocal Safety Glasses, you will no longer be required to alternate between protective and non-protective reading glasses. Approximately 10% of the population needs the use of dual bifocal safety glasses to see clearly! Users who require assistance reading print while participating in activities that require wearing of safety glasses can benefit from these lenses and they improve the quality of vision. Here are a few benefits of wearing bifocal safety glasses that you should note.

What are the Benefits of Anti Glare Coating for Safety Glasses?

While working in an environment where there are several threats present that pose a risk of eye damage, you need a pair of protective glasses. However, when you buy them, there are plenty of factors that influence your decision to purchase perfect prescription safety glasses online and even offline. The regular glasses you wear are not designed to resist a high amount of impact that might be involved in your work.

When Should You Wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

There are plenty of people who have the habit of wearing safety glasses on daily basis, but a majority of them have no idea about the reason behind it. Now, you might be thinking that when should you exactly prefer wearing prescription safety glasses. Whether you should prefer wearing glasses or not is completely dependent on the work or activities performed by you as well as your environment.